Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Recap

Two of our favorite traditions this year were cutting off a chain every day until Christmas and having a new visitor in our house every morning! The chain cutting really helped little Edward's toddler brain grasp the amount of time left until the big day. The elf, or "Elf the Elf," as we called him, did not really deter many melt-downs, but was sure fun to find every morning!
Dressed up and ready for the Christmas Eve service. 
 Then back to camp for Christmas Eve dinner at Ranch House, which apparently, not all of us were pleased about...
 Then awoke at a decent time the next morning, and the elves quickly got to work sorting out the presents.

My favorite things about the morning:
1. Little Edward ran past all the presents under the tree and straight to his stocking to see if Santa had filled it. It was precious.
2. Breakfast with Nana and Daddy Dicky
3. Andrew grabbing presents and "grunting" as he strongly lifted each one and brought it over to be unwrapped.
4. The pace of the morning was awesome.
We were not rushed and we took our time on each present.

Such a magical time with little children.


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