Monday, December 24, 2012


This is our 5th Christmas together and some traditions are beginning to stick. 
They boys are at an age where we can still try out new traditions or quickly add in a couple more things, but soon we need to have them all locked down!
Christmas 07 we were in Houston and engaged!
 I have zero pictures from Christmas Eve or Christmas day 08. We were married, pregnant with Edward, and I guess didn't think to take any pictures. Ha!
This is the year that we ran the Las Vegas Half Marathon. 
So here I am in Vegas, in front of a tree, enjoying a post-race treat.
 Christmas 09 in Houston with little Edward!
 Christmas 2010 with little Edward and a brand new pregnancy with Andrew.
This santa suit was part of our reveal as it concealed the "big brother" tshirt.
 Christmas 11 as a family of four!
Christmas 12 we will be here in Hunt! Such a fun time with family.
I have definitely had a heavy heart for the families in CT this season. 
Prayers for everyone for a wonderful Christmas.

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Sarah S said...

I think my favorite Christmas time traditions are going to Christmas Eve service with my family & a nice big dinner afterwards. Then we go home and watch a Christmas movie together. Love the holidays & hearing about yours!