Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

I kicked off Lent with a bang last night at the Casting Crowns concert. 
The people in the band were simple, real, and inspiring. 
It was just what I needed as we set off on our own 40 days of repentance and spiritual self-examination. 
40 days to draw near to Christ.
40 days to better appreciate the blessings that come on Good Friday and Easter 
when Christ died and was raised to life.
"Jesus, friend of sinners" is a part of one of their songs that reminds us of the human Jesus. 
It seems simple to say that Jesus was man, but not as glamorous when you think of him as Savior, Redeemer, or Son of God.
But he was human.
Before he went off in to the wilderness of the desert for 40 days, 
Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John.
He chose to fully identify with humanity.
Jesus waded in to the water with the broken, guilty, and those who felt far from God.
Jesus, friend of sinners...

"open our heart to the ones at the end of our pointed fingers
let our hearts be led by mercy."

Oh, and I'm giving up online shopping!

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