Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Things I Forgot about Infants

10. The spit-up shoulder...the smell of infants and the smells they leave on you!

9. Raw, honest, emotions...babies are not good at masking their emotions. They genuinely cry and thankfully genuinely smile at you. They are the most honest creatures.

8. Schedule Stress...probably my least favorite thing about parenting is stressing about sleep patterns, schedules, and when to put my baby down for a nap. There are different theories to the effect and none of them tell you exactly what to do! This has always been a stressful guessing game for me.

7. Portability...I love how easy it is to put both boys in the car and go on an outing. I know this window is closing and A will soon be completely importable for a while, so I am trying to take advantage.

6. Hurry-up and relax mentality...when Andrew is asleep in the evenings, I feel like I am rushing to relax or rushing to fall asleep before the next awakening.

5. House-wrecked...the last thing I want to do in the free time that I get is clean up the house, do laundry, or organize toys! Thankfully, my husband doesn't consider this a fault of mine :)

4. All hands on deck...infants are hands-on at all times! We are helpless at birth and the mommy gets to be the sole provider for a while. Now that we have two boys, it is all hands on deck and no one gets a break anymore.

3. Quiet Times...I would love to have children that sleep through the night at 6 weeks, but I don't, and I am learning to embrace the quiet times at night that I get with my Andrew. I know that these times won't last forever and I am learning to enjoy the quiet moments with him.

2. Strength in Numbers...I remember very well with the first baby that I was tired, stressed, possibly a bit depressed, and definitely much more weepy. I can remember that when I was down, my husband was right there to pick up the baby or tend to the next need. I always loved this!

1. The immediate, unconditional, immeasurable LOVE...I never knew that I could love a baby as much as I loved Edward, but I have not been disappointed. My cup runneth over. 

Top Ten {Tuesday} 
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Holly said...

Yay! I love being the first to comment. I totally agree with all of these, most keenly relating with hurry up and relax. When should I come see you?

Olusola said...

Only an infant can make you love the smell of spitup and baby powder. And they grow up so fast don't they?

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