Sunday, October 9, 2011

construction party

We decided to have a construction-themed party for little Edward last weekend. I had spent time collecting construction decor and renting what I thought was going to be a manly, rocketship bounce house...but when we blew it up, it wasn't all that manly!
 Of course, the 2 year olds have no clue and don't care as long as it is a functioning bounce house!
We pulled up the tractor and several cones from camp. I had cone cups for each kid.
 Andrew with his Nana.
Edward was the cutest during the cake and singing. He sang the whole song right along with everybody and was having the best time.
 And clapped wildly for the choir!
 Surprisingly, he only at the few M&M's off of one hub cap.
 Sweet friends in attendance.
 I love this picture of the gallery of men watching the boys in the bounce house.
 Riding his new bike, and getting very sleepy!
 Daddy and Andrew :)
It was a great party!


Holly said...

That looks like SUCH a fun time! Wish we had been there.

Jordan said...

Super cute! Both your boys are just adorable! Carter was looking on while I scrollled through your blog and he wanted to know all the names of the people in the pictures. In one picture he goes, "Doc (what we call my dad) came to see Edward!" I guess it was Dick, but when I asked which one he thought was Doc, Carter never clarified... anyway, looks like y'all are doing well!