Wednesday, October 12, 2011

phone photos

Two boys hanging out together. At two months old, Andrew is 24 inches long and 16 pounds!!
Edward giving Andrew some head lovin.
 Edward got to ride this trike all the way through Wal-Mart to the check out line. Thanks Mamie D :)
 Shiny Happy Babies
 Hanging out with his other sibling, Sadie!
 One of the oldest pecan trees had to be taken down at camp recently, and Edward enjoyed standing on it's stump.
 I live by this TotalBaby app! At the bottom you can see where it says that Andrew will be 1 in 300 days. I remember looking at it when Edward was around the same age and thinking that was such a long time away - and now he is already 2!!
 Some serious hand-in-pocket action. He has just discovered his pockets and loves them!
 Baby Tarantula.
 I can pretty much always get a smile from Andrew when I say "Ah-Goo" in an obnoxious voice. And most times he will say it back to me. I'm obsessed.
Play-doh fun!

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