Sunday, October 16, 2011

a note on love

Have you ever noticed that how we love often depends on the receiver of that love? Let a thousand pass before us, and we will not feel the same about each. Our love will be regulated by how they treat us, their appearance, or their personalities. Even when we find people we like and become "best friends," our love will still fluctuate. Be honest, a lot of times, how people treat us is how we will love them. 
In essence, the receiver regulates our love. 
Not so with the love of God.
We have no impact on his love for us, because it is born from within him - not from what he finds in us. 
God loves us because of his goodness, kindness, and great faith. 

Humans fall short of my expectations and I love accordingly.
God loves me with the same great heart in every moment that I fall short of His expectations.

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