Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 things...

That make me happy this week!
10. Cooler weather - is my favorite. I love jeans and sweatpants! I would do anything to be a morning runner in the crisp air. 

9. My mom coming to visit this weekend! I love having her around to play with the babies and be extra hands. She is wonderful, helpful, and the most fun grandmother! Both boys adore her.


7. Evening Elliptical workouts. I feel like I run on a 26 hour day. I always wish that I had more time for exercise. I can usually only muster 25 minutes after the boys are down.

6. MOPS I attended my first Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS) meeting this week. I dropped Edward off at Mother's Day Out and took Andrew to the nursery at MOPS. It was nice to do something enriching for 2 hours with other women. 

5. Ann! I feel blessed to have a friend in Kerrville like Ann. She is honest, talented, easy-going, and a great listener. She is one of those people that is genuinely interested in your life and asks the right questions to get to know you. And she has a little boy about the same age as E, so we have that in common, too!

4. iMessaging. Thank you, iOs 5! We don't get cell service where we live and I have never been able to text. Now, Edward and I can text each other. And some of my friends, too! It's a whole new world. 

3. Schedule Prospect as Andrew gets older, the light at the end of the sleepless tunnel has begun to peek through. I look forward to him sleeping through the night and being on a more predictable nap schedule.

2. My Babies
Things can seem so hard in the moment, and then Andrew smiles at me, and everything else fades away. 
Little Edward is hilarious. He will come out with sentences and ideas that blow me away. 
Tonight before bed, he peeked his head in to Andrew's room and said, "Has anyone seen Bunny?" It may not seem that funny to you, but I was completely tickled.
(We are obviously going to be this skeleton for Halloween).
1. My Husband. I know, it seems cliche, but it's true. He makes me smile and he is my best friend.
Top Ten {Tuesday}


Holly said...

Why don't you run in the morning? Baby? What's MOPS like? I love iMessaging you. Lastly, I'm right on board with #1 and #2.

Ashley Young said...

Love it! You are so inspiring!