Monday, October 11, 2010

TX tour

We are on the road for the Mystic video shows in west Texas this week. Our first stop was Midland! We got to stay with our dear friends the Elders and take in some of the sights this morning.
Midland is known for its oil and gas industry and is known as the "tall city," according to wikipedia.
Here is the tall city from the passenger seat...
This city is also known as W's hometown with a museum of his childhood home. 
 Playing in W's sandbox...
They were closed on Mondays and I guess no one actually lives there anymore! But I still had to give it a shot...
To us, Midland is known for the ELDERS!! It was so fun to catch up with Wynne and Stephen and get to stay at their home with their sweet "family!" The Elders are an inspirational couple and are definitely living their passions through the lens of God's will. 

We are in Lubbock tonight and plan on doing some sight seeing in the morning. 
I am missing my little guy SO much!! 


Wynne & Stephen said...

I love it!!! thank you for the shout out - and love the pic of my "kids" haha. We had so much fun having yall here!! thanks for staying with us - have fun on the rest of your tour ;) love yall!

doubleA said...

Love the pic of Milly and Eli!