Friday, October 8, 2010


I worked as the substitute nurse at the local elementary (the one where I want to be on the board), and it was very much like camp nursing! There was a lot of down time! I do not know how people sit behind a desk all day. Nursing is unique in the fact that you typically do not sit behind a desk and I love that about being a nurse, but a school nurse is a different story. You wait for the action to come to you behind a desk! I enjoyed it BUT I missed my little man so much!! By the time I got home today, he just wanted to be outside and not pose for any pics, so here is the best I could get this afternoon!
 Cruising on the newly paved roads!
He is getting tough to photograph lately. He either wants to be walking away or touching the lens... but this is definitely my favorite age so far!


Jordan said...

It just gets harder to get good shots! It is SO fun though!! Hope all is well!

Elizabeth Ann said...

He is so busy! :-) Loving your blog!