Friday, May 22, 2009

The Boy's Room

OK, so I have updated the nursery a little bit. We finally got our gliding chair in and I love it. I had picked out the style and fabric before we had chosen the wall color and it absolutely works! I love the ottoman. It doesn't glide or move so it will be a perfect place for the Boy the pull up on in his growing months! Now we need to work on the walls.
I have moved the crib and changing table all over the room and have settled pretty happily with them on the same wall under the windows. They both get great natural light and it opens up the room. The opposite wall is a closet, so I have been confined to working with only the three walls. 
My sweet mom came up last weekend and brought me this adorable whale basket. It will be great for toys, etc!
On to real business - I have been vacillating on the name... I am worried that Jackson or Jack is too popular right now and I have had a hard time saying it out loud lately (weird, I know). SO, I am thinking about flipping the first and middle names to make it Seaborn Jackson. We would call him Seaborn, often shortened to Seab. I love it and think it is unique and still meaningful as Edward's grandfather's name. There have been no solid decisions made (I still have to fully convince Edward) so I will keep you posted. We still have four months to think about it, so for now it's "The Boy."


Melanie said...

soooooooooo cute... i love the whale basket!
and I like Seaborn ALOT... really masculine and different. You will be such a great mom.

ALittleArtsy said...

okay bestie, I LOVE IT! SO SO cute! And the room looks amazing. Hows that little belly?! Im so sad we arent neighbors :)... love you so much friend.