Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is one of the sonogram pictures from our 20 week appointment. I am now 22 weeks. I love this picture so much. It is so special to see his profile and realize what God is creating inside of me. He is kicking like crazy these days and Edward finally felt him yesterday, yay!
We have been leaning toward a new name: Edward Stacy Eastland, Jr. and calling him Ed or Eddie... we have been really happy with it lately, but things can still change!
Camp starts on Thursday and it will be interesting to see how my energy sustains during 14 hour days! I will be working in the infirmary so at least it will be in the air conditioning. We have been eating all of our meals at the dining hall for the last week prepared by Edward's oldest brother Richard. The doctor wanted me to gain weight, and because of Richard, I do not foresee this being a problem. The food is amazing and there is always dessert, ice cream every day is such a pregnant girl's dream!


The Lacys said...

ML, he is so cute. just so happy for y'all. loving the updates on the name, too. Praying for you during camp this summer!!

ALittleArtsy said...

1. i love the new name 2. you are the only person who is told to gain weight because youre so beautiful and tiny! 3. i miss you terribly and 4. youre my bestie

Jordan said...

LOVE the profile pic! I'm so happy that y'all are experiencing such a blessed miricle in little Eastland (that may or may not be Eddie). Have fun at camp, although I'm sure now it's totally different for a number of reasons. Take care

Richard said...

Little Eddie is going to be an amazing tree climber.