Monday, May 12, 2014


Our afternoons around here have been tremendous! It's my favorite time of day. All the boys are up and the sun is starting to go down behind our house, the breeze is constant off the river - it's all amazing.
Andrew is loving the sand box and all things treasure-related. 
 Walker sits up and watches. Content to be outside. He gets it.
 It is easy to fall in to the same old thought patterns. The hustle of the days make them all feel the same and time runs together. Everything is good and simple, but i forget how blessed we really are in the mundane thought patterns of the day.
 Mother's Day was a good reminder of what I have and what other's are longing for or have lost. It's sometimes easier to watch one more show with the boys, or to look at my instagram feed rather than play cars or build legos. I need to spend my time with them living well, loving always, and pouring in to them the way they pour their hearts in to me. 
To approach every moment of the day with a grateful heart.
These are my boys and this is my season.
Thanks be to God.


Wynne Elder said...

amen! love this! love you!

Sara K said...

Oh my gosh scrolling through here and seeing my Tip in the pic with you family pictures!!! Made my heart so happy. Just knowing that even through so many hurts and losses, love covers. Pain my last through the night, buy joy comes in the morning. One day I thought of it like "joy comes through the mourning" like you have to go THROUGH it to get to the joy of the Lord. When you press in and trust Him, wow. Love you.