Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the BIG one

Andrew Scott Eastland
August 2, 2011
8 lbs 19 in
born at 8:58 pm on a Tuesday

One year old and still in the 99% for weight! The first thing the doctor said to me was, "He's so chubby!" And at one year old, this boy is super content to be eating all day long. This is the child that will eat me out of house and home!
This is a wonderful baby, so wonderful that I can barely remember any strife with him when he was younger. He has always gone to sleep on his own and slept pretty well, eaten well, and been generally happy his whole life. 
He communicates pretty well these days through grunts and points. You can pretty much always tell what he wants! (And it is usually something that big brother has).
He is the ultimate Monkey-See-Monkey-Do man, always trying to follow in brother's footsteps. 
Speaking of footsteps - he is a walker now, too!
Here are some shots from his first birthday:
Being introduced at breakfast with the other birthday girls!
Some fun at the birthday party with the big kids!
family photo
Andrew loves pretzels, french fries, and orange gatorade :)
He does not have a specific lovey but sleeps with a dino and blanket.
Andrew already has a silly personality and feeds off his brother's excitement about things. He loves to instigate wrestling matches, and usually pins the big brother pretty quickly. His smile is contagious and he lights up the room. 
I am very excited about this next year with these two precious loves.


The Lacys said...

I CANNOT handle the picture of him with the tricycle. he's so so cute!! can't believe he's already ONE!!

Mark said...

So lovely baby!