Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the big brother

Edward Stacy Eastland, Jr. 
September 30, 2009
7lbs 2 oz 20 in
Born at 8:05pm on a Wednesday

I am shocked that this boy is about to be 3 this month! The child that made us a family, changed our lives, and warms our hearts every day. I spend time talking about Andrew's monthly accomplishments and I would like to remember what Edward is like now.
The 2's have been hard, not terrible all the time, but definitely work. I would say that the younger 2 age with Edward was the most difficult part of the year. He was defiant and such a crier. Now he is much more "reasonable" and willing to make compromises if there is a reward in sight :) 
He still has a siren like no other, but the flame is easier to extinguish!
Edward is a caring big brother and willing to share most things, or he blocks his path to the toys if he is not in a sharing mood.
He loves to JUMP! Especially off the mats in Rec Hall
Loves orange gatorade and fruit snacks.
Every time we sit down to a meal he asks, "So, mommy, what should we do today?" And once he makes a plan he will ask "Does that sound like a good plan?"
He is outgoing and loves to be around his cousins.
Also loves to talk about the "Castle" (Disney World) and wants to know "what time we are going back?" 
Will nap most days, but asks to rest with cars everyday.
LOVES trains and thomas videos on youtube.
 Still rides his tricycle around the same figure-eight track we have been drawing for the last 18 months.
Sleeps with Bunny and Blankie in a big boy bed (crib with the side off). 
 And started preschool today. 5days a week.
Edward Jr Eastland (as he calls himself) challenges me and amazes me daily. 
This year has flown by with the busy-ness of both boys and I cherish Edward daily as he turns in to a little man. 

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