Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Is anybody out there?
Time seems to be moving faster than I can blink. 
We have been busy, tired, and happy!
March resolutions simply did not happen, but here are a few things that did. 
We showered Whitney and baby Charlie! Looking forward to the arrival of THREE new supper club babies this year. 2 boys and a girl :)
 Most of my free time has been consumed with taming this beast...
 We have cleared out most of the excess plants and weeds, trimmed the trees, and are looking forward to a new look sometime in the future. 
These boys are a delight. They love each other and love their mama!
 We spend most of our time under the shade of our carport. Edward on his trikes and Andrew in the exersaucer just taking it all in. 
 Adventures with Daddy have been a highlight. And the swimming season is rapidly approaching - woo hoo!
 This 2 year old definitely gives us a run for our money. He is passionate, tender, affectionate, and social. 
 Andrew is up and crawling, has three top teeth and two bottoms, and enjoys watching big bro.
How do you moms do it all?
I can barely get things done around the house, much less blog several times a week. Phew!
40 days until camp!!!


moira said...

you're back!

alli.parker said...

Teared up reading this. I love those sweet faces so much! Can't believe camp is almost here!!