Monday, March 5, 2012


WHOA! That was quick. I feel like I just had the big baby, and now he is already 7 months. The time has flown much faster with the second baby. I can remember trying to rush Edward through different stages and I was constantly looking ahead to the next milestones. 
Now, I want Andrew to stay small and sweet forever!
Here is a comparison shot:
(Just realized they are using the same spoon)!
Things I want to remember about February:
- at least one longer nap of the 3-4 per day
-solid foods
-sitting up - plays and reaches for toys
-everything to the mouth
-"talking" in long syllables
-skin looks better if we never miss a day of lotion
-20.8# 27.5" (2/6/12)
and drumroll please....SLEEPS through MOST nights :)
These two adore each other which I hope will never change.
A note on Edward:
He is potty-trained! And we removed one side from his crib to make it a "big boy" bed.
He is the best. Constantly making us laugh and starting to ask TONS of questions. Lately when he is confused he looks at me with one arm cocked in "why" formation and says "What, Mama?"
Here is another comparison of their faces at the same ages.
I feel like they are pretty different!

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CaseyWiegand said...

gosh i need to see u! and them!!