Thursday, October 6, 2011

Actual BirthDAY

On 09.30.11, my little Edward turned in to a big 2 year old. It really is amazing how quickly the time has passed. I can remember the moment I realized it was time to go to the hospital, and then I can't remember a time without him. He is an absolute delight.
Here we are on the morning of his birthday.
 We are blessed with wonderful grandparents. Edward loves them all very much. He has a special place in his heart for his "daddy dicky."
 The stomp rocket from his daddy was a huge hit!

 Daddy placed the tractor in the right spot to add to the decor for the construction-themed party the next day. Lil E got to ride on it on his actual birthday :)
And a Thomas the train cupcake to top off the evening. 
This boy is the greatest. I look at his little body and sweet face and think, "are you really mine?"
I feel immeasurably blessed with each day that passes and little Edward is a constant reminder of that. 

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Jordan said...

LOVE the pictures of Edward in his crocs, skeleton pjs and sunglasses!!! I mean that is some style!