Tuesday, September 20, 2011

port aransas

We spent five days in Port A and had a blast. The whole Eastland clan was in attendance for the annual vacation!
There was all kinds of fun being had -
bathing with cousins:
 beiber hair on the beach:
 Exploring with big cousin George:
 David Hasselhoff-ing:
Squeezing Hugging:
 more hugging...
 Water Frolicking:
 Group photo shoots:
 More Hugging:
 Moon Dancing:
 And some sweet baby faces!


Wynne Elder said...

so sweet! great pics, ML! I think seeing families at the beach makes me most ache to have a family and so look forward to that day with all the kiddos! so much fun!!!

Holly said...

Hahaha the hasslehoffing! You rock

Emily Lacy said...

these pictures are awesome! Your little guys are so handsome.

Ann Itschner said...

OMG those pictures of the kids all holding hands and the ones of them hugging are just priceless! So CUTE