Saturday, October 16, 2010

San Angelo, TX

Our last stop was San Angelo and I was very surprised at what I saw there. Remember, I grew up in Houston, so I imagined every other city as inferior (especially Dallas), but I was really intrigued by SA.
San Angelo began in 1867 when Fort Concho was established as one of a series of new forts designed to protect the frontier from hostile threats. We made a stop at Ft. Concho and took a self-guided tour. The property was nice and the buildings were well kept. There were exhibits in many of the old barrack buildings which provided some amusement on the tour. 
One old barrack was dedicated to as a telephone museum. 
We look forward to returning to the fort during one of their war re-enactments!
I was very impressed with the downtown of San Angelo. Almost every street seemed to have been preserved in it's original downtown "cute-ness" which I of course LOVE! There were shops lining the streets with art and various antique stores. I could definitely spend a lot more time here if I was on a girls trip.
Our trip would not have been complete without a stop at the Cactus Hotel and Miss Hattie's. The Cactus Hotel was one of Conrad Hilton's very first hotels, supposedly, the fourth Hilton hotel and one of the most well-preserved. Built in 1929, it was the largest, most ornate, and most expensive ($900,000) of his hotel properties. 
Miss Hattie's Saloon is the most famous brothel in West Texas operated until 1946. Pretty interesting. 
One more sight we happened upon was this 9/11 monument. It houses a piece of steel from Ground Zero and was dedicated to a woman who lost her life that day from San Angelo.
We drove home that night after the show and woke up with our little man, and it was the best morning to date!
I have definitely relished in his demands to be in my arms this weekend!


Jordan said...

Whoo Hoo SA shout out! I didn't know about the 9/11 monument! Pretty neat

Elizabeth Ann said...

I have loved reading about all of your Texas travels! :-)