Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have made the transition from formula to whole milk. It happened about a week ago and it was really now big deal for us, thankfully! There was maybe one day that Edward was not as happy as usual, but other than that, it has been smooth. He also is eating much more at meal times which has been fun. It's a challenge to feed him a variety of foods that he likes all day every day. I really can't have a picky eater...
We tried several cups and I think I have settled in on my favorite, from good ol' Gerber:
Gerber Nuk Graduates. 2 for $7.07 on Amazon! No leakage, no nipple popping off when it hits the ground, good flow control system, soft nipple, double handle but still fits in the cup spot on his tray, and easy to clean. I love em.

What's your favorite cup?

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