Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is what I looked like on this day last year!
9.29.09 - the day before my little guy was born. I was headed to lunch with some ladies and I said to Big Edward, "Take me picture so we can say, 'this is the day before you were born!'" I guess I knew he was coming because I was already having contractions around lunchtime!
Here we are today:
He woke up from his afternoon nap, and he wasn't feeling very well :( But at least he was really sweet and wanted to lay on me. Hope he gets better for his big party on Saturday. 
Then the afternoon kept getting more exciting...
I almost stepped on this bad boy outside our house:
Then my signs finally came in:
I am running for a position on the Hunt ISD school board. It's a highly competitive race and look forward to the election on November 2nd.

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

Happy Birthday Edward! And Edward's Mommy!! :) It's just as much a celebration of you as of him... as least that's how I feel... kind of like, Yay I did it!! :) So impressed you are running for School Board... wow! Good luck! Hope y'all have a fun birthday week! :)