Wednesday, April 28, 2010

will crawl for crocs

Lil E lays limp in his tunnel no longer! He has learned to crawl through it and enjoy its amenities along the way, but when he reaches the mesh threshold, he can travel no farther.
He even shed a tear about it at one point.
Instead of press on, he tried the tuck and roll trick. He was content to stay behind the mesh, but as an over-acheiver mother, I wanted him to come through the barrier.
So I enticed him with my crocs just across the line...
He struggled a bit and wavered behind enemy lines...
But eventually charged through!
All for a sweet taste of old crocs.
Houston, we have crawler.


Holly said...

Amazing! Love that tear. Did I ever tell you that the ONLY reason Margot started crawling was for a taste of my pink crocs. Hilarious.

Becky said...

I LOVE THIS! I remember Margot loving crocs too! how great! I'll have to get some!