Monday, April 26, 2010

little traveler

My little angel was such a great traveler. We traveled over 2000 miles, stopped at three different cities, slept in 2 different cribs for 6 nights, and drove across New England. It was so much fun and the little mister barely skipped a beat.
I was so anxious about the plane ride for various reasons, but mainly because I was flying alone with a 6 month old! This non-paci kid took the paci the whole time on the plane!
We stayed with my brother and his family in Boston. He has two kids and it was so much fun to be around them and imagine things to come in our household.
Hinds is such a sweet dad and uncle.
Little E was so happy being in new places and looking at new things. We spent some time in Borders one day, and I didn't realize how much fun that could be with older kids.
The weather was pretty nice, but did get much chillier than we are used to this time of year in TX. We had to bundle up for walks!
This swing changed Edward's world. He absolutely loved it and staring at his older cousin, Luke, was a hit, too!
Then we drove 2.5 hours and across 2 states to Maine. We can barely get anywhere in 2.5 hours in TX, and it was incredible to drive along the different turnpikes through Mass and New Hampshire. It is such beautiful country and I was flooded with high school memories of Choate.
We stayed in this amazing house with my Choatie high school roommate and her family!
Jack was adorable and super advanced at 10 months! I learned a lot about the need to baby proof! I wish I lived closer to my friends that have babies. It was so nice to sit around and chill with someone else while our babies played around.
Bundled up again in matching "cookie monster" outfits.
We made it home Thursday night and I wish I could have captured the moment that Little E saw his daddy because it was amazing. But here he is on the plane ride home.
We have made the switch to formula and it has changed our world for the better. He is so much happier and doesn't fuss near as much. I would love to hold him and give him his bottle, but he would prefer to do it all himself. So we lay him down with a bottle and he happily holds it and drinks. He is laughing at everything, babbling, and pretty much crawling. Our child that did not sleep well, slept through all of the nights on our big trip! I never thought I would be able to say that he sleeps through the night, but now I can say it with gusto!


CaseyWiegand said...

yayyyyyy such a sweetheart! we loved our switch to formula too! changed everything!!! love you bestie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Liz! It has been forever (I was a year below you at Mystic), but I stumbled across your blog and it is so cute! I forwarded it to my twin sister Stephanie who is pregnant with her first boy. I thought she could learn a lot from you :) Hope you, the Edwards, and the rest of the Eastland's are doing well.

Katherine (Cox) Ansley
My sister's blog:

Jordan said...

Glad your travels went well! What a good little travel buddy!