Friday, March 26, 2010

my latest surrender

I have decided to surrender my baby timers and charts that I have used as my brain for the last 6 months. My iphone has been amazing to have with a new baby, but I realized, through the counsel of a great friend, that I had become a little obsessed. There is so much wonderful technology out there at our fingertips and it can overcome our lives.
I have adopted the whole "there's an app for that" attitude in a big way.
I have blogged about it before, but my TotalBaby app has been my brain for the last 6 months. If you are about to have a baby and have an iphone, I promise the $4.99 will be the best money you will spend on a baby item.
I also have charted his sleep habits for the last three months on graph paper. It had gotten to the point where I would watch him on the video monitor and start a timer the second he would fall asleep. Then, I would continue to watch him until I saw him wake up and stop the timer to that exact second. It was bad.
Yesterday was my first day where I did not use my iphone for any timers, I didn't even use it to remember which side I had nursed him on last. It was very liberating and I felt so much happier all day.


Holly said...

Love to you and the Edwards! Just use the squeeze method to know which breast goes next!

Tana said...

Because until recently I didn't have an app for anything, I just used a fun bracelet or "EKK" a hairband (no scrunchie though)to remeber which side needed attention! :)