Saturday, March 20, 2010

boy and his dog

Edward got a taste of Sadie and wanted to take a bite. Watch as the story unfolds...
(yes, that is his hair sticking straight up)
E making the first moves
Every one taking a quick break.
E back on the attack
Making some contact.
Getting a second taste.
Sadie is on to little Edward's plan, and takes a defensive stance.
E thinking, "I don't know, mom. This isn't looking very good."
"Wait a second! I'm getting close!"
"So close I can almost taste her."

What? Oh, you did something cooler on Saturday night?


Jordan said...

So cute! I love his stick up hair! Plus, that face with the curled lip is great!!!

Holly said...

That unsure facial expression is priceless. I MUST come hold him again!

Becca said...

These are so cute!!