Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 month check-up

We had a wonderful 4 month check-up this morning after a looong wait in the waiting room. Our appointment was at 10 and they didn't get us in until around 10:50. Remember, it takes us 30 minutes to get in to town, too. Our pedi is extremely laid back, which is great, but it does come with its cons. We got a great report and the doc wants us to start solids...
"Hmm, quite delightful!"
Did he mean solid foods? Oh, we were more interested in solid objects!

The time in the waiting room did have one huge perk - he LAUGHED at me! It was the first time he had actually giggled, and the woman sitting near me said, "what a cute little laugh!" I exclaimed, "I know! It's his first one ever!"
Big Edward may have gotten the first smile, but mommy got the first giggle!

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