Friday, February 6, 2015

Lean in

I opened my bible up to Galatians this morning. Chapter 5 speaks to me so many different times throughout it, but today I was drawn to Life by the Spirit. 
To live by the Spirit is to keep in step with the Spirit. 
We are not called to live out the fruitS of the Spirit, but the fruit (singular) of the Spirit. 
The fruit of the Spirit is 
and self-control.
You don't get to choose just one to focus on, it's a package deal. And how do we practice them all together at all times. This life by the Spirit, the unattainable fruit.
We lean in hard. 
HE alone is our rock and he already knows our shortcomings.
He knows I will not be patient today which will lead to un-gentleness, un-kindness, and the absence of peace - all because He knew I would lose my self-control.
What an incredible fruit. Born of Eden I'm certain.
The harder we lean on our Rock, the more we seek Him first, the juicier our life becomes.


Becky said...

I never thought about them as one, but now I certainly do! I love this and that I can hear your voice in the words so clearly.

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