Monday, December 8, 2014

fall action shots

Little Edward has learned a lot about football this season and has grown to love it. He goes outside by himself and plays against imaginary opponents. Usually the dolphins! 
I brought my camera out and he loved taking some action shots!
 five. three. one.
Challenging ages in their own respects. We are in constant motion.
But having these three ages is really sweet, too. Just when one grows up and out of an adorable phase, the next one is right there in that same phase. And each one is very different in that cute phase. 
I love how they are each so different. 
Five is on the brink of reading, loves crafts, has the most tender-heart, and strives to keep everyone happy. I keep saying he will be the best husband :)
Three is three. This is the best and worst age. ha! Three loves to be silly, snuggle close, test the limits, and plays well. He has a faith that is unshakable and asks questions about heaven a lot.
One is a dreamboat. He is handsome, independent, loves to be held, love to be outside, and lights up when ever his big brothers are around.   

I love feeling settled in this season knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be. 


Wynne Elder said...

love these pictures! to die for! your boys ;)

Olivia said...

I love these pictures, these sweet boys, your wonderful family and you, ML! Miss you!