Thursday, May 16, 2013

hearts wide open

As a camper on the bus from Houston, the anticipation built as the hills began to take shape on the horizon. Butterflies fluttered in our bellies that were full from our last mommy-packed sack lunch. The in-bus movie had ended as the bus mom began her best attempt at the coolest camp songs. (As if we needed anything more to build our nervous excitement). The bus groaned as the road gained more turns, and then there is was - the Mystic sign. We were home.

As a counselor, I drove myself either from Waco or Dallas. Car packed, windows down, and feeling accomplished after ticking off another year of college. The road to camp had only a few familiar sights on it - the Hunt Store, Criders, Heart of the Hills. As the turns increased, my speed decreased, and heart rate jolted. The landscape lush and hilly. My heartrate thumping. The anticipation of another summer. Another summer to play with friends, seek Christ in all His glory, learn more about myself, and touch the lives of young girls. My heart felt wide open, ready for a re-charge, willing, free as a bird. It was the first drive of the summer out to the green gates. The moment you see the Mystic sign and you realize you are exactly where the Lord wants you to be. Your only care in the world is that you don't take it all for granted.

As camp approaches, my feelings haven't waned. I drive the road to camp at least twice a day and could arguably navigate the turns with closed eyes. But the anticipation of Christ inside the gates still stands. My heart is ready. Another summer on the horizon. Praying that the campers will have the same life-changing experiences that I always had. Praying to be changed myself, refueled. Praying that hearts will be healed, stretched, grown, and opened as they enter the gates. 

The smell of camp lives at my doorstep awaiting the fires to be ignited.
No regrets. Nothing taken for granted.
My heart wide open.


Olivia said...

This post made me so happy! Enjoy the summer :)

Carrie said...

Love this - perfectly said! Mystic will always be my "safe place" and where I feel most at home. I hope and pray that every girl that walks through those gates feels the same way. How blessed we all are!

Katherine Ansley said...

Beautiful post! I will never forget the anticipation and the joy of finally seeing the Mystic sign. We are so blessed to have such a place in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...