Thursday, October 18, 2012

the encourager

The mornings around here are fast and furious! As non-morning people, the whole get the kids up, dressed, fed, and hair combed to be out the door by 8 is simply comical. 
But we are managing it and little Edward has not once asked to stay home from school.
I am of the "never wake a sleeping baby" school of thought, and we have to wake our little babies every morning now! At the last minute usually, too, around 7:40.

We eat a lot of breakfast in the car on our 30 minute drive. 
Today, I had Edward's non-milked Lucky Charms resting on the console, when I had to make an abrupt stop. The bowl slid to the back of the console and I blocked it from falling just in time.

"Good save, Mom!"
I beamed with delight at his choice of expression.
"Yea, thanks buddy. That was a close one."

As a mother, I spend most of my time trying to stay in the praise category with my kids.
"Good job!" "Way to go, man." "You're awesome. I just love your brain."
I am their encourager.
The Holy Spirit is our encourager.
When you use your gifts to encourage, support, and lift others, 
the Holy Spirit is there to do the same for you.
You can be the channel that God uses 
to keep someone confidently pressing toward success rather than giving up. 

When the Holy Spirit comes in to me, 
He does not consider my partialities or preferences;
He simply brings me into oneness with the Lord Jesus. 
-the imitation of Christ

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Anonymous said...

love this ML! Not only are you an encouragement to your boys, you are an encouragement to me. Love how uplifting your blog is and your transparency of real life. Love you lots! - AA