Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a simple sunday

Woke up to snuggling babies in our bed.
Cinnamon rolls in the oven.
Great sermon at church about humbling yourself in the sight of the Lord.
Lunch with the in-laws. Grilled shrimp.
Back home to naps. Both boys asleep.
Sunscreen. Advil. Out for a 6 mile run.
3 miles in my fingers felt numb at the tips...
Blaming it on circulation, I stop and squeeze my fists above my head. It was a good excuse to stop, so I turned around toward home.
My upper lip started to tingle and I could tell my lips were swelling rapidly. 
Came through the back door. Called for Edward.
"I think I'm having an allergic reaction to the sunscreen I used. Get the Benadryl from the kitchen!"
Washed my face and mouth out vigorously. 
My lips were growing, tongue expanding. 
It was hard to get a breath. 
Removed all restricting items - rings, watch, exercise shirt, shoes, socks.
Hands to knees. Hard to breathe.
Chugged the Benadryl from the bottle. 
"We've gotta go in. My throat is closing. I think it's bad." 
30 minutes away from the ER.
Edward is on the phone with James. I'm already at their door.
Knocking. Panic. White spots starting to cloud my vision.
"I'm having an allergic reaction, can you watch the boys?"
"...and our car is out of gas, can we take yours?"
Edward out the back door. Hard to see him through the spots.
"We need the epi-pen at the infirmary!"
Blind drive. Open window. 
"It's on a white shelf!"
Unlocked the infirmary. Found the epi-pen. 
Across the softball field. 
Slowest gate ever.
Rolling my head to get a breathe. Knees to chest.
Eyes open. Will I ever see again?
Do I need the epi-pen now? 
"I love you"
Mind racing. This is the end. This is your death. 
Blackness now. Air hungry.
"I need it!"
Blue cap off. Jabbed it in to my right thigh.
Mind relief. Head falls back. Passed out.
Woke to myself vomiting. Edward on the phone with EMS.
"My wife's had an allergic reaction. I need an ambulance."
1.5 minutes post epi-pen.
Vision returns in spots.
I recognize the fields I have passed by daily on the same drive. 
So thankful to see their simplicity. 
Symptoms relieving. 
We bypassed the ambulance and waved them on. 
12 minutes to the hospital. I could make it now. 
Thanks to the epi-pen. 
I was going to be OK.
Taken back right away at the ER. 
IV - fluids, benadryl, solumedrol.
More epinephrine in the belly.
Breathing treatment. 
Amazing doctor, "the epi-pen saved your life."
Admitted to the 3rd floor for heart monitoring and steroids through the night.

Praising God for all the little miracles that fell in to place that precious simple afternoon. 
September 23, 2012
Food Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis caused by the shrimp at lunch 2 hours prior to the run.
Never had any allergies. 



Katie and Justin Cox said...

Mary Liz!! Oh my goodness! Simply SO scary!! So thankful you are okay! Praise Jesus that if you have to live 30 minutes from a hospital you have access to an epi pen and know how and when to use it! You are so brave!

The Lacys said...

tears in my eyes!!!! praising God for your life and His goodness!!!!!! so thankful for the epi pen and that you thought to use it and knew where it was!! love you!

Charlotte said...

Thank God for the Camp Mystic infirmary and the stock Epi-pen! Your episode is so much worse than anything we have had to deal with during camp. I'm so thankful you turned around when you did, that Edward was home, that James' car had gas, and that y'all got to that Epi-pen quickly! God is good, oh so good. I'm praising Him right now that you are ok. So crazy that a shrimp allergy came up out of nowhere... And in the middle of nowhere! Hug those boys. Love you tons, Char

Jordan said...

I am so glad everything alinged just perfectly to save you!! OH my goodness I did not think this post was going in that direction and I had tears in my eyes just thinking of how scared you and Edward must have been! Praise Jesus for His miricles!