Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week in pictures

I have kept up with my picture of the day promise, but I have not figured out how to keep track of it yet.
This is a collection from the last week.
Saturday - little Edward cowboy-ed up early and I unearthed the rollerblades from college.
Sunday - Happy baby on the way to visit the grandparents.
Monday - My 28th birthday at ChuckECheese on the way to Houston!
Becky came from Austin and leaked the occasion to ChuckE himself.
Tuesday - We spent time at my parents house...for the last time!
Wednesday - Little Edward got a nice haircut.
Thursday - We made it home to Hunt in time for some sword-fighting and car biting.
Friday - My first box arrived with some wonderful hippie foods inside :)
And we are soaking up our Andrew before we go to Disney World tomorrow.
We head to Disney World tomorrow for a week! 
Tonight we celebrate an exciting occasion :)
pictures to follow. 

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mrsmiller said...

ML, I have an eye-fi card in my camera that I (ok, my husband) set up to shoot directly from my camera to both my computer and my flickr account at the push of a button. I have flickrstackr and a blogger app on my iphone and that allows me to post from anywhere. Thought I'd pass along in case it makes your life any easier :).