Monday, December 12, 2011

why do i blog?

I am creative, but not crafty. 
I do not DIY things.
I lack skills in cooking and gardening.
I do not have an awe-inspiring story. 
I am not a professional photographer.
I cannot sew.
I am simply a mom and a wife. 
I wish I had a greater passion for something outside of my family.
I wish I had thought of TOMS shoes or the invisible children
I want to be inspiring.
 But for now, I blog for them. For us.
I absolutely know there are people out there that I do not want reading my blog, but I'm not going to let them run or ruin my life. 
I love this blog. It is a chronicle of time and thoughts. 
It is us.


Holly said...

I love it too! and I love you!! I couldn't handle it if you stopped blogging (like someone I know)

mrsmiller said...

ML, have always loved your blog and am so glad it is back! Hope you and your precious family are doing well. I blog for us too!

Wynne Elder said...

i'm so glad you are back!!!! and you ARE inspiring. i love being able to watch your family grow! yeah for blogging! love you!

Emily Lacy said...

i love this ML. perfectly said.

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I love your blog Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog...

Randy said...

ML--Everything has its season. When the season was right for you to study and become an RN, you did a great job of that. This is the season to build a family with Edward. I'm confident you'll put the same wisdom and effort into it. Then when the kids are grown the greater effort will be to set them on their feet and watch, only watch.