Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It was a rainy morning, and we needed an activity. We ate the last of the eggs for breakfast and I hated to see the carton go to waste. SO, I googled egg carton crafts and found one suitable for my two year old. 
I am thankful for google.
An egg carton fire truck!
 Here is the final product! And little Edward did not give a second look the rest of the day...but it was very fun to make, especially for mommy :)
Here are a few funny things I have googled recently:
- brussel sprouts and breastfeeding
- levis jeans
- 432 area code
- egg carton crafts
- chinese acrobat school on sesame street
- mop in spanish
- vacuum in spanish
- charlie brown thanksgiving plates
- dropbox
- knowshon moreno
- nikon d7000
- something good flies do
- twitter faq
- toms shoes
- nelson mandella

It's pretty interesting to look through your search history and remember why you were even thinking about those things!


The Lacys said...

favorite - something good flies do! that firetruck is awesome.

Nicole said...

wow! what an awesome mama you are!!


linabeau said...

burning question... did those paints come from the tribe room?