Saturday, August 27, 2011


Did anyone else see these Sesame Street garden kits this summer and have to get one? I saw these at Lowe's and bought the Cookie Monster baby watermelon kit.
Much to my surprise, they are actually growing! At first, little Edward was on a quest to dig up each seed, but now that he sees the fruits of our labor sprouting, he is very careful with them.
Speaking of Sproutlets...
 Edward has been amazing with his little brother. I was very worried about how he would handle another baby taking up mommy's time and he has been a champ.
 He is ready for Andrew to be able to play more. He gets excited when he hears him waking up and exclaims "he's waking up!!"
 Andrew is a pretty great baby, or maybe I am more relaxed this time, but he has been a joy.
Goofball! We had a big crash today as evidenced by the mark on the left side of E's face :(
Camp ended last weekend and we are enjoying our first "normal" weekend together as a family.

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