Friday, July 22, 2011

countdown to #2

My pregnancy app tells me that I am 15 days away from my due date (August 6th)! I remember looking at the app when it said 173 days away and thinking that is so much time to wait. And now we are in the teens which feels surreal. This pregnancy has gone by faster and slower for different reasons. There are things that have been different this time engaging more thought and making the waiting that much harder. 
BUT, we are ready!! Ready to bring a new life in to the world. Ready to see lil E become a big brother.

Ready to be a family of 4.

15 days and counting. Which really could mean any day now!

Camp has helped the time pass quickly and we love the routine of the schedule and all the activity. Every night, one of the oldest cabins lowers the flags to the tune of "God Bless America" by Kate Smith over the PA system. 
Edward has learned to respect his country this summer.
He is proud to be an American!

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Becca said...

So sweet! Good luck these next couple of weeks!