Friday, April 22, 2011

"inner hippie"

If you are ever in San Francisco on a Saturday, you should definitely take a street car down to the ferry building and check out the farmer's market. 
 It is a complete five-senses experience. 
 I was having the best time and Edward leaned over to me and said, "Your inner hippie is really coming out!" There were several booths, tons of people, and all the samples you could want. Oh the samples may have been my favorite part! 
 My dad and I used to go to Whole Foods for "lunch." We would buy a drink and then cruise the store for the samples and usually make a pretty good meal out of it. 
 I would love to have something like this near me. It would be easier to eat organic food and I would probably consume more vegetables. It was amazing, and my husband was a trooper!

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Holly said...

Let your inner hippie plant a stinkin garden already!!