Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the reveal

We found out we were pregnant with baby #2 on the morning of Thanksgiving! It was a pretty awesome thing to be thankful for all day, but very hard to keep quiet while around family all weekend. We wanted to be sure everything was on track before we told anyone so we waited until Dec. 20th at the Mystic Christmas party to tell the family. I have to admit, I did tell a few friends either immediately or within the next week! It's just too exciting not to tell SOMEONE!! But, I did see my mom twice in person before we told her which was definitely hard. 
Anyway, the night of the Mystic office Christmas party, we had lil E wear a santa suit with a surprise shirt underneath. 
 He ended up wearing the jacket much longer than anticipated and almost every person would say something to the effect of: "Should we take his jacket off, he might be warm." I had to just mumble off excuses because I agreed with them, but we wanted to get everyone together before we made the big reveal! It was a funny stress that Edward and I had throughout the party scheming about the best time to take off the jacket!
 We gathered around in a circle for the blessing before the meal and after Dick finished, big Edward said,  "We have one more blessing to share with you this year!" And we ripped of the jacket! It took a minute for us to get lil E's shirt straight and for someone to finally read it, but there were exclamations of joy as they all figured it out!
We skyped the next morning with my parents while wearing the "Big Brother" shirt and my mom was so surprised and excited! 
We feel so blessed. I love imagining how life will be with 2 babies around the house - eek!


Tessa said...

Congratulations Mary Liz!!! What a blessing!

CaseyWiegand said...

i have like a million things to tell kidding you are on my heart DAILY, 2 you look gorgeous and im dying to see you/ hug you/ see that beautiful bump!!!!! E is so sweet and is so grown up!!!! i love you!!

Emily said...

so exciting! congratulations!