Monday, November 15, 2010


13 month old vocabulary!
"Tru" - Truck
"Ba" - Ball and Bus
"Uh-Oh" - before he drops the item
"Mil" - Milk
"Wow" - in a whispered voice while shaking his head
"Boo" - Book
"Bun" - Bunny
"Teek" - Stick
"Bay-Bey" - Every time he sees cousin Caroline
"Tra-Tor" - Tractor
"Tray" - Train
"Na-Na" - Nana Tweety
"Da-Dididi" - Daddy Dicky
"D" - Mamie D
"Booce" - Papa Bruce
"Jayce" - J.C.
"Tee" - Tree
"Bah" - Bath
"Paey" - Play
"Paeyoo" - Playroom
"Bebu" - Bevo
"Wooy" - Woody
"Ting" - Lightning McQueen
"Me-Mo" - Elmo
"Nie" - Ernie
"Tatah" - Hot Dog
"Ba-ba" - Bye Bye
"Wa- Wa" - Water
"Tah" - Hot said after he runs in to the kitchen and touches the oven
"Fie" - Fire
"boon" - Spoon
"Paye" - Plane
"Berr" - Strawberry
"Chee" - Cheese
"Chich" - Chicken
"no-no" - While looking at something he is not supposed to touch and shaking his head
"Yay" - When I come in and get him after naps!
"Bana" - Banana
"Fa" - Fan
"Bi" - Bite
"Side" - Outside
"Ra" - Rock
"Mmm" - While eating
"Ahh" - After taking a sip of something
"Cewl" - Cool
"Boa" - Boat
"Muw" - Mule
"Tee" - Teeth
"Nooe" - Nose
"Ih" - Eye
"Buun" - Belly Button while pointing both hands at his chest.


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