Wednesday, September 8, 2010

post camp life

Now that camp is over, we have been enjoying our free time together. We spent 10 days in Houston visiting friends, grandparents, museums, aquariums, and malls galore. It was really nice to be in a place with so many different choices at your fingertips! Little Edward was perfect and never skipped a beat.
We are home now and while we were in Houston, Edward turned 11 months old! It is amazing to imagine that I was still pregnant this time last year and now I have a walking, "talking" toddler!
Little Edward is a very good walker and prefers it to crawling at all times. He has broadened his vocabulary and is able to communicate his needs with me. 
He can say "Truck, juice, ball, play, Mama, Dada, fan, and bath." 
These may not all be distinguishable to the untrained ear. :)
It literally feels like he has turned in to a boy overnight. 
We are headed to the beach for 5 days and cannot wait!


Sarah Feigleson said...

these pictures are so wonderful! he is super cute, ml!

Wynne & Stephen said...

so so fun! i am so jealous yall got to meet bennett too. beautiful photos!

i can't believe he's WALKING! oh my!
amazing - so fun to watch your family grow!

love you friend!

Anonymous said...

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