Friday, July 2, 2010


Unfortunately, we had to clear the camp one day early due to inclement weather. All the parents were notified and came in last night and this morning to pick up their girls instead of tomorrow. It was a bit chaotic and traumatic for some campers, but it all worked out really well!
My mom (the nanny) went on to celebrate the 4th with my family which leaves me alone with my little man! We converted our guest room in to a playroom when we received a piano from my grandmother a couple weeks ago. The playroom is very primitive and in shambles, so I will only show you snippets of the little guy playing rather than the whole room!
Most of the toys and surfaces are the perfect height for Edward to pull up on, which is pretty much the only thing he wants to be doing right now! He took a couple of steps on his own the other day...
He has started saying "ba, ba" when he picks up a ball! Such a boy thing. 
We lost power for a while during the storm and it got quite stuffy at the house.
And, or course, he would rather play with my lens cap than any of the toys in the playroom...
Hopefully, I will get to blog much more and take my own pictures this month.

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FMK88 said...

I loved seeing his little face everymorning at the nurse's table! I missed seeing him this morning! Hope all is well down there with the weather and whatnot!