Friday, July 9, 2010


Edward is 9 months old (and ten days) and this picture sums up what he is doing these days - anything and everything he can get his hands on!
How does Edward sleep?
Very well. Two naps in the day and then through the night from 7ish to 6:30ish. He sleeps in his crib with 2 loveys and a small blanket, black out shades, and a white noise machine. 
What does Edward eat?
Anything! He loves meatballs, Uncle Richard's horseradish mashed potatoes, olives, and Gerber baby cheeto puffs. He has a blast at mealtimes in the dining hall with all the girls. He does not care for watermelon. 
What are his favorite daytime activities?
He loves anything that involves him pulling/standing up. He is extremely busy and can only do one thing for a few minutes before he is off and crawling to the next. 
He loves playing the piano that we recently acquired. It was the piano that my mom grew up with and then I first learned to play on it as well. I am loving it, but every time I try to practice, lil E climbs up between my legs and starts playing for me. 
He enjoys playing with his Mamie D and visiting his great Granny, but he probably loves the excitement and commotion of camp the most. Any time we are around the girls he starts to ham it up and they love him. But how could you not love that little face?!
Other "tricks"
He has started to communicate with us and can say a few "words:"
Fa-fa and looks up at any ceiling fan
Ba-ba for ball
Waves and says bye-bye
Da-da (an old trick)
and recently started saying Ma-ma when he is sad or gets hurt!
He is drinking well from a sippy cup with help.
Walking will probably be on our next list of tricks...

21 pounds.
He is a dream.

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CaseyWiegand said...

oh i love him so much, and you! miss yall!!!