Friday, June 11, 2010

week 1 down!

cannot believe that one week of camp has already flown by! It has been a week of firsts for little Edward. 
Here he is after his first cupcake!
We visited Daddy, Uncle James, and Daddy Dickie at fishing class and got to get pretty close to touching our first catfish.
Papa Bruce came out to play for a couple days. My mom is still here and has been such a lifesaver! They play during the day when I have to be at the infirmary. 
Little Edward is obsessed with wheels and really anything that is a circle. It's hysterical! 
Car rides, mule rides, and golf cart rides are the highlights of his day. 
Oh and how could I say no to a friendly CC day war canoe race? 
Especially when they asked me to be the stern of the tonk boat :)
Have a great weekend!


HK said...

Wish I could have seen you out there in that canoe! You look hardcore! I love little Edward for being a wheel-kind-of-guy.

Katie's Journey said...

I cannot believe that they had CC day already! I am so going to miss that this summer!

Wynne & Stephen said...

love it! looks like you are off to a great summer! i bet you LOVED war canoe! you looked great as stern :) love you friend! so glad to see yall are doing well!