Sunday, June 6, 2010

separation anxiety

I miss my little man so much. Honestly, I am the one having the separation anxiety at this point. I have spent every waking moment with my baby until camp started. I love what I do at camp and the infirmary definitely needs me, but I need my babe. 
My sweet mother is here taking wonderful care of him during the day and I get to see him at meals and in the early morning, but it still isn't enough!!
He also gets to spend some time with his great granny which is wonderful for the both of them.
I seem to see him the most when he is fussy and my mom needs a change of scenery. So, this is usually the face that I get.
I definitely have a softer heart for the campers this summer. Becoming a mother myself, I can relate to the child's needs better, and I am able to nurse them with a mothering sense that I didn't have in previous years. 

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Katie's Journey said...

Those girls are so lucky to have you as the nurse! I am hoping to come for a visit one day this summer!