Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new toy

Dad came home today with a new toy - ELMO! We assumed Lil E was a little too young for it, but he enjoyed Elmo for a bit (before I put it in a closet until Christmas)!
Gazing in to Elmo's eyes for the first time.
Thanking dad with a big grin.
Intrigued by Elmo's big eyes.
And, of course, Edward found the tag on the bottom of Elmo within minutes. Lately, E has been so in to the tags on things. I love watching his little grabby hands on the tags.
But Elmo got his revenge!
"Mama, I love Elmo!"


Becky said...

#1. Your photography is really great.
#2. Good to know that you can "re-gift" with babies. That's smart.
#3. I want to remind you that giving the same gift a second time to a teenage girl is not as well received. You and I know this because that's all that my care packages consisted of for a few years there.

Becky said...

#4. I wish I could bring Hailee Hull's Kiowa t-shirted tickle me Elmo to visit lil E, but it's on my bed in Houston.
#5 I hope she doesn't read this and want it back, because I plan to make big $$ off it and an 20 year old unopened PeeWee Herman action figure one day.