Friday, April 30, 2010

scuba tiger

Little Edward has been a little under the weather this week. He has had an ear infection with quite the fever. Poor baby.
It has been sad and sweet to see him sick. He pretty much reaches for me to hold him all day and will fall asleep while I rock him. We have spent months getting lil E to fall asleep on his own, so it was actually sweet to have him fall asleep in my arms like the old days.
Dad came home from work and we all needed some fresh air, so we (including our favorite bath toy, scuba tiger) accompanied him on his first dive of the season!
And enjoyed our first popsicle.
Can you see Big Edward's bubbles?


Becky said...

this just made my day.
my goodness.

Holly said...

Amazing cuteness. We do pedialyte ice pops too. Even I like to eat them ... but they have 100 calories. Bummer.