Tuesday, January 5, 2010

fantasy champion here!

This year with we played fantasy football with the Eastland family. Each of us had our own team to manage and we played a different opponent for the last 17 weeks! It has been so fun to pay attention to NFL through the players that were on my team. I have never cared much for the NFL prior to this year! Well, the season was off to a great start for me and by the end of regular season play, I was the number four seed for the playoffs. I was glad to be in the playoff at all, but it felt like a long road to pave being number four. I beat my own husband in the first round and then beat my brother-in-law, James, in the second round! Final score: 222-148.
I am the champion!
I was getting sad that there was no champion e-mail with confetti coming down my screen and a large trophy in the background... but it is posted on our league's website below.
... in a very small box on the side of the screen, you can see that I am the champion. I named my team Junior's Jammers in honor of my little Edward.
Here are some pictures of the Edwards (poor quality from my phone):
in his tuxedo before his first wedding reception in Austin (01/02/10)
Napping with Daddy on Christmas morning. I wouldn't normally post something like this, but I just think they look so much alike (and very cute)!
Happy New Year!

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Holly said...

Oh dear! A tuxedo. You MUST MUST MUST bring that to Waco for me to look at.