Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa with the Cousins

We traveled to San Antonio (1.5 hour drive) today to visit Santa with our cousins!
It was fun once we got settled in. Little Edward is always pretty good in the car, but he got quite fussy towards the end while I was trying to park. Of course, the most frustrating part of an event at a hotel, the parking, and a baby crying in the back does not help! We found a spot and as I was getting him out of the carseat, I noticed his outfit was slightly wet. I thought, oh well, its probably just a little peepee, he can stay in the cute outfit... well ... I got to the elevator and noticed a lot of yellow (breastfed babies poop yellow) coming out of the bottom of his blue outfit, yup, he had the BIGGEST blowout to date. So, we went to the nearest bathroom and got all changed in to the back up outfit pictured below...
The event was sponsored by the Humane Society and there were several puppies on display. Little Edward got hungry so we missed most of the happenings and Santa reading a Clifford book, but we went for the pictures anyway, right?!
Charlie really turned on the charm for Santa (4 month old on the left) while George was a little bit over it because this was definitely not the first Santa they had seen this year!
We had to peel George from the lights for the pictures!

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