Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Houston

Christmas Eve with Great-Grandmother #2, Tata, at the Howard Christmas.
Christmas morning in our Santa outfit. He slept until 9 and that was definitely the latest start the Cartwright house has ever seen!
Opening up our stockings in outfit #2 due to blowout #1.
Cousin Cora got a Barbie Jeep and chauffeured her little brother, Wesley, up and down the street!
Such a cutie!
Surrounded by our presents... notice outfit #3 for the day... blowout #2!
Opening presents with Dad and really wanting to eat the paper!
Uncle Jason fried two turkeys! In my family, we have always had a Christmas meal as big as the Thanksgiving meal. I love it.
By the end of the night, we were snuggled up watching a Christmas movie!
We are back home and looking forward to this weekend. Little Edward will be 3 months old on the 30th, Dad will be 25 on the 31st, and we will celebrate the Eastland Christmas as we ring in the new year.

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Holly said...

He's soooo darling! I love all the pics. Wish I had been there!